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Breakdown more than 5 items in Analysis Workspace Table Builder


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I was very excited about this feature, but I think it does not provide any value as is. There's never a scenario where I only need to breakdown the top 5 items, so I am stuck in the old method of manually breaking down each second level line item by the 3rd variable for anything beyond 5 items. It would be great if this could be increased to up to 25 at least. Ideally the breakdowns would be applied to the full table (including new values after it is built!) This may be a separate issue, but once I build a table and additional values populate, they are not broken down along with the rest of the table even if they move into the top 5 position. The manual maintenance lift on this is huge.

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Yes, this issue apparently affects lots of dashboard we create and data flowing through in through classifications or any other method. Usually, free form table has many rows and if additional new rows are inserted than too much manual effort is needed to add break down manually to each row item. Imagine the time require for multiple tables and multiple dashboards to update the breakdowns. 
This seems to be very basic thing as per Adobe Workspace, should be acknowledged and fixed asap by Adobe.