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We are using Audience Manager and Omniture. We want to create bounce rate trait on Audience manager. For example: Trait rule will should that bounce rate is higher than %80. To do this, firstly, we should create segment on Omniture. But we couldn't create bounce rate metric in a segment. We can only use events / default metrics in segment. After talking to adobe support, we understood that we couldn't do this. So, have you had a chance to develop to use bounce rate metric in a segment ?

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Bounce rate can't exactly be a segment... Say you created this segment:

  • Only include all hits where bounce rate is greater than 50%

Since segments work hit-by-hit, bounce rate wouldn't make any sense in this scenario.

If you're looking to segment only pages where bounce rate was over 50%, what you're looking for is actually a calculated metric in a segment. Bounce rate is simply a calculated metric (bounces/entries). There is currently an open idea here: Use Calculated metrics inside segments

Let me know if this isn't what you're after, and I can leave the idea open.



I found the closest segment which is "time spend on the page".  And when I create segment on Omniture, only to do is select "Make this an Experience Cloud audience" on UI.  After that, I can see the segment directly on Audience manager.Segment Builder .png