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Billing - report suite titles on the monthly billing statement


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The billing statement available within Adobe Marketing and Analytics admin interface has a huge issue.  The report suite titles that are within the billing statement do not match the actual report suite titles within the admin console, and drop down lists.  This is a huge problem for me as I rely on the billing statement to show me which clients or brands have usage and how much usage.  Within the report suite admin console, my team incorporates the newest project code into the report suite title, so we can easily break down the usage on the billing statement by project code.  But the billing statement does not have the latest copy of the report suite titles, rather it has old, outdated project codes, which tells me these report suite titles for the billing statement are coming from an outdated database. 


Adobe should have this or these databases update regularly so the information on the billing statement is current, and matches the current report suite titles within the admin console.  I am responsible for maintaining over 1000 report suites, and when I have to go through the billing statement and match up the report suite titles manually, well that is a huge waste of time on my part, but that is currently the only way I can easily break down the billing by the proper project codes.