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My company has 1200 users, not all of whom are active.  It is a laborious task to go in and delete existing users whose accounts have been inactive for over a year.  Is there any way that you guys could add a simple checkbox to every users name so we could check the targeted accounts and delete checked accounts?


The current user management interface for modifying and managing the accounts is cludgy and very labor intensive when you are trying to do basic maintenance.


Thanks for considering this.  If you implement it, all the more gratitude!

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You should probably look into the Administration API. Allows you to easily manage tons of users.

Not saying the UI cannot be improved...




Thanks for the post!


In addition to the API, there's an Excel plug-in posted in the Developer Connection Code Gallery that may help you administer your users and roles more quickly than it can be done currently in the admin console:


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I appreciate your feedback but I don't have time to be doing development work on a software package that should have it's own design and development in process by the vendor.



Agreed - other basics of interface and interaction design are missed too. Like refreshing the page back to page one and removing my sort choice when I've had to "sort - scroll - click" through 5 pages to get to the user I need to delete. And, across the board, showing page numbers onlyat the bottom of the screen so that users have to scroll before they can go to the next page. These are "no duh" best practices. Come on Adobe - hire a UI designer!



Hi, This is an old thread, has adobe made any progress on these asks?  We're looking to

  1. Batch move any reports/etc associated with these accounts to 1 user (example:  expired accounts) so that we can research any reports associated with these users
  2. Batch expire these accounts
  3. Potential batch delete accounts after we’ve identified them as not being needed anymore


In the current ui/setup, this would take a resource weeks to accomplish and should be realatively easy to program into the back end.




Thanks for the feedback. 


We are currently working on transitioning user management from the Analytics UI to the Experience Cloud-wide Admin Console. The transition would enable Admins to manage users and entitlements across multiple login companies/Experience Cloud solutions. This also means we will be retiring most of the user management functions within Analytics. If you are familiar with the console, it does offer a few (if not all) of the bulk-update options you refer to above; Asset transfer, however, will continue to be offered within Analytics and we will consider your feedback as we explore options to improve it in the future. 


On the transition, we will be kicking it off later this year, and Admins will receive ample advance notification and assistance to ensure a seamless transition.