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Better region data for the UK


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At the moment, the region data for the UK isn't actually region data. Our marketing team keeps asking us for data segmented by regions but we can't provide that at the moment.

If I look at a report of regions (with visits as the metric), I get a long list of cities and councils in the UK but no regions.

It would be good to have a proper breakdown and ideally a total of three categories: 1)Region 2)Counties 3)Cities.

1. Region would be, areas like North East England, South East England, East Midlands etc. This is a fairly standard breakdown you get in the UK (Regions of England - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ).

2. Counties would be areas like Essex, Greater London, Devon etc. This is the equivalent of States in the USA. Again, this is fairly standard UK data (List of counties of the United Kingdom - Wikipedia ).

3. City would be areas like London, Manchester, Birmingham etc. It would be important to not include councils in here like is currently the case. For example, the Cities report currently has London as a city but also has Westminster, Islington and Southwark. These three areas (and there are many more examples), are councils within London and not cities in their own right).