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Better Numeric / Counter Event Setting


Level 5


A newer feature of events (although not documented in the help section or KB) is that you can give a counter event a value greater than one really easy without having to use the products variable.  For example, s.events="event1=5".  The only problem is that it cannot have a decimal value, and setting s.products with it just seems silly (although I guess it does work).  We should be able to set a decimal value for any event.  So s.events="1.564".  This would be great for many reasons:


1. For a retail site, capture the shipping and tax for the entire order and not have to create an empty product or a "tax" or "shipping" product and set the value there.

2. For videos, we want to capture the GB delivered.  This value is always a decimal value less than 1 (.0056 for example).  Setting it with the products variable is just ugly and messy.


It can be easier to set these variables, and it should.  And they should support decimal values, although I'm not sure how many decimal values current numeric events support.  Maybe leave counter events as they are, and allow only integers.  But at least allow for numeric events to be set this way with decimals.

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Level 9


Wow - I didn't know about the improvement for calling counter events without calling s.products. Seems silly that decimals aren't supported...