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better mobile user agent tracking


Level 2


When I look at the mobile devices report in SiteCatalyst, I occasionally see large shifts in the number of visitors or share of certain mobile browsers.  These large shifts tend to be an issue of tracking the specific device or browser, rather than any real change in mobile traffic.  For example, in February I see a massive jump of mobile views from iPhone (4-5x) which I think is attributed to the 3.1.3 update. 


These things normalize over time, but now when I look back historically, looking at this mobile view trend is not very useful since there are all of these large shifts in tracking that aren't applied retroactively.  It would be nice if there was a better way to manage these device updates and changes in tracking to get a real, consistent picture of what mobile traffic looks like.



Level 3


I agree.  I get the distinct impression that we're testing with more devices than Omniture is.  We have usage that doesn't show up at all in the Mobile/Devices reports until Omniture finally gets mappings for those user agents in. 


Level 1


Also, what about a mobile browsers report as well as the existing mobile devices report? For example, how much traffic is Opera Mini browser? We cannot tell this at all at the moment in SiteCatalyst or Discover.