Better Bot Removal

jharrington7897 13-03-2018


I'd like some better bot exclusion features at some point.

Business case:

Our company is pretty large, so we get hit with bots all the time.  The only way we can exclude effectively is through segments, but they get massive and slow down data retrieval.

Current solutions:

-The current out-of-box bot removal only allows for exclusion by IP, which is not useful (since bots cycle IPs now).

-The auto exclude bots misses pretty much all of the bots as well.

-This means we need to use custom segments to exclude certain domain/city/browser combinations or various forms of entry page/domain/Operating systems in order   to exclude these bots.

Possible Suggestions:

-Exclude visits where a hit occurs x amount of times a minute from the same domain?

-Exclude visits where a hit occurs x times a minute from same cookie ID?

I'd love other suggestions from the community on what else could be added

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Have you looked at any of our partner solutions on the exchange portal? Here are two good solutions:

PerimeterX Bot Defender for Adobe Analytics


jharrington7897 13-03-2018

We probably would have a very hard time selling the idea that we need to buy 2 more products in order to get accurate reporting from our 1 product, but I do appreciate the suggestion

I get it, but Adobe is $$ Expen$ive $$, and is the top-tier product in Analytics, I think most clients would prefer and in-house build solution


Great feedback, thanks. It's something we continue to look into - at the moment these partners are the best options available to any analytics solution that I know of, but totally understand not wanting to pay someone else.


Any chance you're coming to Summit? In S103 (Tips & Tricks for Adobe Analytics) we'll be talking about a new method you can use to cleanse your bot data using a hits-per-minute approach similar to what you described. If you won't be there, let me know and I'll send you info afterward.

jharrington7897 14-03-2018

Hey Ben,

Thanks for reaching out, I'd love to hear about the method - in my head I

suppose we could build something like that out using within logic...

I'm not personally going to summit, but some of our team is.

Feel free to send me anything you come across, I'm always willing to try a

different approach

jharrington7897 10-05-2018

Hey Ben- any thoughts on this one?  I didn't get to go to summit unfortunately, but I'd love to see if there are any ways to hack this kind of a solution that you mentioned

mahmoud_Alshala 03-07-2018

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