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Automatically update breakdowns in scheduled Discover reports


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I have a scheduled Discover report displaying metrics for active Test & Target campaigns, broken down by recipe. When a new campaign is launched, it appears in the report, but WITHOUT the recipe breakdown. So every time I launch a new campaign (which can be a few times a week), I have to log in to Discover, update breakdowns for any new campaigns, and save.

When a new row is eligible for the report, I expect it to grab the same breakdown as the rest of the report or there should be a setting to handle how new rows should be broken down.



Level 2


We have the same issue with search term reporting.   Everytime a customer puts in a new search term our report(s) collapse.  For us its something that we have to go in an fix on a daily bases,


Level 1


A fix will help us immensely as multiple breakdown reports are regularly scheduled from Discover by many users in our organization.