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Automated data pulls from the Usage and Access Log


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I'd like to create ongoing reporting of what activities users are conducting within Adobe Analytics. I've been looking at the Usage and Access Logs, and although export is possible, I'd like to be able to have that reporting emailed automatically to me weekly.

Business Use Case #1: Ability to show executive leadership how many reports are generated or downloaded daily.
Business Use Case #2: Ability to monitor specifically for any Admin Actions that occur.

Business Use Case #3: The usage log was also VERY useful recently when I was able to use the successful login event to prove to ClientCare that there was clearly an issue with our users logins.  The ability to monitor when login success/failure rates drop or spike would go a long way.

Business Use Case #4: Demonstrating ongoing user adoption rate of a new report suite, new evar, or a new tool.  When we rolled out a new report suite, we were able to monitor how quickly (or not) our users switched over.

Having to do manual pulls for just one of these situations is acceptable.  But I'm finding more and more reasons to pull data from the Usage Log, and doing so manually is getting tedious.



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I'd add in that the usage/data logs need to show Marketing Cloud/Ad Hoc/Report Builder/API usage. Right now, I believe it only shows reports viewed in my.omniture.com.