Analytics Workspace Flow chart: remove page reloads

alv123456 16-11-2017

In my opinion the Flow charts visualization in Workspace has a big flaw: it displays the page reloads: whenever I try to see next page, biggest chunk is again the same page. It would be good to remove the page reloads and make it similar to the Google Analytics flow charts, to only see next page. This would make the flows more clear

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Thanks for the idea! This is definitely on our backlog to address. Your votes and comments will help us prioritize and solve this problem effectively.

Also, one workaround that may help here is that you can build a segment to exclude reloads, then apply that segment to your Flow visualization. 

Antti_Ko 04-03-2018

This is one feature that is on my "most wanted" list. BenjaminGaines I tested that detour to exclude reloads with segments and it didn't work -> reloads where still there in flow reports. I did that test months ago, so I can test it again if you know that it should work?

luekl 07-03-2018

Most wanted by me too. Still going to reports and analytics for sensible pathing reports (numbers-wise).


You can apply a segment excluding all reload hits, which is something I do for all workspace flow reports right now. It's a nice workaround until they're excluded by default.

luekl 08-03-2018

That reduces the problem slightly, but still does not work: See e.g. this Pathing Report. I have a segment on it to count only Pageview Hits and exclude Reloads, but we still have a lot of movements from /search to /search.


alv123456 08-03-2018

I can only support that. Applying excluding reloads reduces the hits, but still gives me the same pages for preceding and succeedign hits.


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JoeBlackwell 13-08-2018

Hi Gigazelle​ how do you create a segment that excludes page relaods?

ron_ray 18-12-2018

Oh man! Heck yes! This would make my life a lot easier.

semihp74803138 04-02-2019

Please count my vote as well.