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Analytics Workspace - automatically add "other" line



Usually we need to have only a few element (segment or value) into the table. But we always need to compare those lines to the other part of traffic.

Please add the possibility to add automatically a last line with all the other exluded traffic. Otherwise we have to create always many segment to manage the "other" part of traffic.



Level 2


This would be amazing.  I am constantly making exclusive "Other" segments, and they can become very process-intensive to build when they are comprised of other excluded segments. (A few I could only create in Ad Hoc, otherwise the Workspace Segment Builder freezes).




Great suggestion - thanks for the feedback.  Are you wanting it in the table, or in a specific visualization?  How would your ideal workflow work?


Level 2


Let's say I have 3 mutually exclusive segments that comprize 70% of my visitors:

Group 1, Group 2, Group 3



Currently, if I want to also look at the other 30%, everyone else, I make a visitor segment that excludes Group 1 OR Group 2 OR Group 3.  This works for basic things, but as my groups get more complex or more numerous, making those Exclude segments gets very intensive.



Then I end up with 4 segments: Group 1, Group 2, Group 3, Other.


For my particular situation, I'd like to be able to just highlight my 3(or more) segments (rows or columns) in a report and have an option to create an "Other or Everybody Else" segment that gets added to the report.  This would be based on the same exclusion logic I use above.  The logic would be dynamic, so if one of the segments it was built off of changes or is removed, it would update.  This segment would be local to the report, but could be saved (although given the current segment architecture, if it was saved, it would become static). 


The biggest issue with manually creating the Other segments is that if the initial group segments need to be modified, I have to go back in and re-build the Other segment by hand.


In general, I think there is a lot of opportunity in segment comparison.  The current segment compare feature is great for specific instances of discovery work, but it is limited in its scope.

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