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Analysis Workspace: We need analytics on Analytics!


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There seems to be an irony to the fact that Adobe Analytics doesn't provide analytics on how Adobe Analytics is being used

As an organisation we have massively bought in to using Workspace to drive the self-service of data/insight throughout our business.

As a result we are centrally managing a large quantity of workspace projects, segments, dimensions, calculated metrics for a significant number of Analytics users.

In order to manage these effectively with Workspace, we desperately need to be able to understand things such as:

  1. how many times are components actively used (e.g. Segment X has been used 200 time in the last 30 days to retrieve data)
  2. which workspace projects a given component is associated with (e.g. Segment X is used in project A, project B and project C)
  3. what projects a given analytics user is accessing (user X has access Project A ten times in the last 30 days)

Please can you consider giving us a decent level on Analytics on the Analytics?



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Any news on this? This is really important if you are trying to enable the self service analytics within your company as it allows you to track many things that will help you to improve the adobe utilization.


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Would be great to understand the progress on this one, I'm looking at the potential for doing a hack using API's but the documentation on the logs API's is non-existent so it's very much like playing darts with a blindfold.


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@d1g1tal ,


Out of interest, how far did you get with accessing Logs via the API?   Are you referring to v1.4 or v2.0 of the API?


I'd be interested to know whether you're able to share endpoints or any other details.


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I actually built something in Excel VBA that will pull data down from the API, it's been really useful for overcoming things like Workspace limitation and getting say 50,000 rows or doing a pull of the implementation configuration including description data for segments and calculated metrics. I have one for the user logs but as there's a 1,000 row limit and we have a LOT of interactions it's not actually that helpful.


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i recall seeing that this was on dev roadmap, but can't seem to find that info anymore. 

Any ideas if this capability is still on road map. would be nice to be able to do this in workspace, without having to import logs and such. 



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We are currently asking our key account to simply send us the numbers for Adobe usage - however we are still limited to the metrics you see below. We sould appreciate some more flexibility and self-service around "analytics on analytics":) 

adobe usage.png