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To be quite frank this is less of an idea, more me posing the problem we face...


We are desiging workspace projects to be used by end business users.  We don't have the time/resources to train every individual to use every workspace project so we are relying more and more on supplying instructions/help within the project.


However, the way in which we can do this is pretty much limited to putting paragraphs of plain text in a description box.


It would be great if Adobe could consider the best way to help companies provide project specific/panel specific help within a project. 


I'm inclined to say this doesn't just mean providing some formatting options in the description box (although formatting options including adding hyperlinks/images etc would be useful!)


Perhaps you could provide some kind of screen recording capability similar to decibel insight/sesson cam so one could capture a 10 second illustration of the interaction/option within the project that you are trying to explain how to use? - this could then be linked to in context (e.g. click here to see how to add a segment to this panel!)


Clearly the above is just one random way of solving this, there are probably many others you clever people at Adobe could come up with! Smiley Happy  

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Andy, I love love LOVE that you posted the problem rather than a proposed solution. Great to have this detail. I think we've got some help coming. 




Great to hear there might be something on the way 🙂