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Firstly, love the improcements to Analysis Workspace and the overall menu changes throughout the Marketing Cloud, what a difference it's making to our teams already.

Are there any plans to improve the PDF output from Analysis Workspace either by splitting up the document up in to Pages or allowing users to define pages within a project?

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@MatthewUSAA - do you mean that when you export a Workspace project to PDF, pagination is now an option? Because I still cannot make that happen as the whole project is on one page when printing; and there's no option to switch to a 'printer friendly' version.


Or is there something I've overlooked? 



I think @MatthewUSAA is talking about his issue which is discussed between them and Ben Gaines earlier in the thread which is a seperate issue to the idea.


Pagination is still not in. I've got everything crossed that it will be announced at this years summit!



@arob8 - OK, thanks for the clarification. And yes, fingers crossed!



The date comparison in Analysis Workspace is a fabulous enhancement, but the lack of pagination essentially lose its value from switching reporting to workspace. Please fix.



Is there an ETA for when the issue with printing PDFs from Workspace will be resolved?



Hi Everyone,


for us missing pagination is one of the biggest issues with workspace and the only reason why we didn´t started company wide scheduled reporting with Workspace.


I´m really interested in this feature and awaiting feedback when it´s gonna be implemented or if it´ll be provided at all.



I would love to have this fixed too.  Despite Adobe thinking that no one needs to print these reports out, this is simply not true.  Can I really ask my CEO to login to view a report and take screenshots to paste into a PowerPoint so he can have a deck to share?


Especially when execs are used to receiving the Old style Dashboards in readable/printable formats.


I love the idea of a paperless office, but that is not the reality in the real world at the moment.  Adobe's response that the pdfs are not meant for printing is ridiculous. 


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I'm not sure how features get selected for development but I echo KriskiB-AFL's comment.  Having some way of formatting the PDF so it can be printed is a must have!


please advise on when this can be investigated & added to Workspace's feature list



@bengaines You've been responsive on this issue before - can you please provide an update? It's been about a year now and people really need this feature to work for full Workspace adoption. I know you guys are passionate about your product - please let us know!



Hi Adobe team, can we please get an update?  This is a huge issue for multiple users and is a basic requirement.  This idea was brought up in April 2016, had 40 promotes and has not even made it into the Under Review?  


Competitors have this available, and it's getting harder and harder to sell the product internally when a basic function such as producing a readable pdf/printing is not available.


@bgeorge-eng - Pehaps you can give us an update?