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Analysis Workspace: Need to be able to save to PDF without saving project


Level 5


While the new PDF export and scheduling is nice, we keep coming across something that is kind of a pain: you cannot export to a PDF without first saving the project.  


This covers both:

* Creating a new project (let's say you are running a quick query and want to download the results)

* Making alterations to existing ones (like changing a date)


Our main issues with the current functionality:

* We are going to have TONS of unwanted variations of workspaces laying around -- not only will this make it harder to find the proper reports, we'll have to take the time to go through and delete all the extras (and hopefully don't delete the "good" report by accident

* Increased chance of saving over a project while making slight adjustments to the report



Level 4


Another thing with the Analysis workspace sharing- Someone shared their dashboard with me. I deleted it from my list after sometime. Turned out I deleted the dashboard for that user too as I have admin rights. 

Please have a better way to manage this. 


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Hi saraelliott, there is a separate idea for pagination of PDFs. It is unclear at this time whether that will be added in the near future. I don't think there is a way to change the font size in the PDFs manually, although it would be a great separate idea to suggest!