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Analysis Workspace metric totals are not specific to the applied filter


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The Sum of individuals is not always equal to the Total. For example in pages report the Sum of visits is not equal to the Total visits since there might be few common visits. This feature is critical when you apply a filter on the report. This is taken care well in the the Reports&Analytics. Always totals are dispalyed after deduping where ever it is required.

Metric Total in Reports&Analytics:

Whereas, Analysis Workspace do not display the metric totals specific to the filter applied in the reports. Workspace always display only the Grand Total and there is no other easy way to calculate the metric totals for the filter. Totals are not Sum of individuals always.

Metric Total in Analysis Workspace:



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I also find this very annoying it is blocking our adoption of dashboards in Analysis Workspace. It would be great if this would be fixed for at least the 'visits' & 'unique visitor' metric. 


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I agree there should be some type of resolution for this. I understand that this could be a complicated logic with some pitfalls to get totals to update on filters but there should still be some alternative to the issue. 




Thank you all for your comments on this subject.  We are actively working on trying to figure out the best way to solve this for all customer use cases.  We know this is an important problem to solve, so we have definitely not forgotten about it.  We just want to make sure we are solving it in a scalable, functionable fashion.