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Analysis Workspace - Fallout Trend Touchpoint on Conversion & Fallout Rates


Level 9


for the record - new fallout workspace visualizations are great!   I love the ability to trend a touchpoint.  I would love to be able to:

1. trend touchpoint on the fallout rate.

2. trend touchpoint on the conversion rate.

3. compare segments in the same fallout chart or trended trouchpoint.





Hi Michael,


Thanks for your ideas.  If I'm understanding correctly, you can already do #3 by dropping segments onto the top dropzone (where it shows "All Visits") and it will compare the two segments in the same fallout viz.  You can do up to three.


For fallout/conversion rate, you should be able to edit the table (trend the touchpoint, and then manage data source > show data source), and you can change the metric/segment from visits of the fallout to conversion/fallout %.  I have done this with a calculated metric.


We have thought about adding a right-click option to trend the fallout rate explicitly as well - let us know what you think.  And how would you define fallout vs conversion rate?


Level 9




thanks for the response.  see my responses:



visits,  conversion rate, fallout rate

11MM, 100%

800k, 6.9%, 93.1%

600k, 5%, 26.8%


the example above shows what we see in the fallout chart.  from left to right, 1) the number of visits for selected segment/dimension, conversion rate (step visits/starting visits), fallout rate (step visits / previous step visits)


your suggestion to trend the selection and show percentages does exactly what I am looking for (my fault for not realizing) related to the conversion rate.  I would like to be able to do the same for the fallout rate.  a right-cick to trend directly to the right would be a nice add-on.  fallout rates are typically more compelling as they represent the opportunity lost.


not sure I understand your comment about comparing segments.  If I drag multiple segments in the visits area, I believe that does an 'AND' segment. - can you please explain further?   I am trying to see the following:


lets say when a visitor is on a PDP you have two calls to action:  1) add to cart and 2) register.  I would like to compare in a fallout those that go from PDP to Add to cart and PDP to Register. In one chart I would see which CTA has a higher conversion rate, and what impact any changes we are making are having.  Make sense?