Analysis Workspace: Date Range Builder by Hour


Please can you consider adding hour as as an option in the date range builder? (so it is possible to do "start of current hour" minus 1 "hour" etc.)


Every other time period is available (e.g. day, week) so it is rather frustrating that we can't use hour - there are so many great things this would allow us to do! 🙂


Date range builder.png

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benjamingaines2 14-07-2016

Thanks for submitting. We'll keep an eye on votes and comments for this idea. 

jasone52252858 21-07-2016

Weekday (e.g., Monday) and hour (decoupled from the calendar date, e.g., 17:00) would be useful dimensions to provide in conjunction with this functionality.

psvlin 14-09-2016

I agree with Jason. Hour decoupled from calendar date would be super helfpul. For example, comparing visits at 8am today vs 8am two weeks ago vs 8am 52 weeks ago. 

mathildeb777400 05-10-2018


Collegues ask me to have reports based on the last 6 hours or last 12 hours so it would be useful.

kumararajak 19-07-2019

Hi, this would be super helpful while doing recent impact analysis