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Analysis Workspace: Compact "Metric Summary" Visualization


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I would love the ability to have a compact way to see multiple aspects of a single metric. This is a pretty common requirement with a lot of my stakeholders, as they want to see:

  • The current value (for the most recent day or week or month)
  • A comparison to some other period (same day previous week, previous day, etc.)
  • A compact trend (sparkline) of the data that extends beyond the current period

Example (from Excel with Report Builder) below (this example also lists the MIN and MAX for the trended range for reference):

To get the same data in Analysis Workspace takes 3X the real estate with a lot of gratuitous white space and borders and labels and custom date ranges that require the user to work a bit harder to figure out what they're looking at.

I realize this would be a quite a leap from the current paradigm in AW, but, if a visualization was configurable to choose:

  • A custom date range (rolling, probably) for the "total" view
  • A separate custom date range for the comparison
  • A third custom date range and granularity (day/week/month) for a trended view

This could get tricky with the date range selected for the panel itself, I realize, so possibly would open up a whole other can of worms of a date-less panel where the date ranges are all configured within the visualization.

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We are working toward a prototype for this idea and would love to get your feedback on it when we have something to share.

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