Analysis Workspace Auto-Save Enhancement



Would love to see a true auto-save feature in Analysis Workspace like there is in Discover/Ad Hoc.  I always try to save early and often, but I've lost work due to browser crashes or internet disconnections.  In Discover, this was mitigated by the auto-save feature that saved even untitled/unsaved projects.  There have been times when AH says it it will have saved my progress (i.e. durring a disconnection) and will load the last state after a reload, but then it is gone since the project was previously unsaved/untitled.

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I've been burned on this multiple times with AW -- an inadvertent hitting of the "Back" button (not really hitting a button -- but an unfortunate swipe on the Mac), and 45 minutes of work is trashed.


I get that I can't click away without getting prompted to save, but I still have -- multiple times -- managed to lose a decent amount of work and wished that I'd had an autosave a la Ad Hoc Analysis.



I thought we did auto-save. @wbrandongeorge



@benjamingaines the auto-save is not working at all anymore, it seems.  I had to step away from my laptop while a table was querying.  When I came back, it said it auto-saved (and had the completed table) but when I logged back in, the recent changes were gone.




Today, we auto-save projects that have been saved at least once before. We store a local copy every 2 minutes to recover from. We do not auto-save projects that are brand new & have never been saved before. Marking this as Under Review to explore enhancing our auto-save to include net new projects.