Analysis Workspace: Annotations

alyson_murphy 01-12-2016

I would like to be able to annotate line and bar graphs in Analysis Workspace. I would like to be able to select which lines would be involved in the annotation and whether it is static or rolling based on the date if a date is involved.

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I'm shocked that this hasn't been submitted already. Definitely important, and we have in on our backlog to get done as soon as we can. 

alyson_murphy 01-12-2016

I was pretty surprised too. I searched a few different things to try and find someone elses. I'm glad to hear you guys were already planning on it Smiley Happy


Archiving as a duplicate of Annotations (including Calendar Events) in Analysis Workspace  - we would like to offer general annotations when we address adding Calendar Events to Workspace.

RebeccaIsolde 28-02-2020

@jen_lasser Is it possible to add annotation on line graphs and share with team yet?