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Analysis Workspace Adding and/or Replacing Master Template for Starter Projects


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The Adobe Workspace Starter Projects is a great Idea, however, many of the existing Starter Projects do not meet the needs of our stakeholders. I would like for Admins (or anyone belonging to a group), to be able to add a new Master Template and place them within the Starter Projects in the left rail of Analysis Workspace.

Additionally, I would like to be able to show the Starter Workspace to certain user groups or teams. For example, I would like my Search team to view starter Workspaces that are relevant to them and my Content team to be able to see other Starter Projects that would suit their needs.

Thank you.




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The ability to turn off some or all of the start projects would also be useful - some are not relevant for our business




We're looking into how to improve starter projects, including allowing companies to control their own. Keep the comments and votes coming!


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I can give you a very easy justification - with move to AW we are loosing what I think is a very valuable tool for novice and not novice users - ability to browse through reports see all the different evars and metrics and quickly get a report on them without having to know the platform. 


Example - simple pageview report by page - why shouldnt a new user be able to get something quickly and modify it to their liking.


Also we really want to crete what I call "showcase" reports. Example - we use Demandbase for firmographic information. We want to create a report that shows our users what kind of data they can get - most non analysts would not be able to create something as compelling as something an analyst will rpepare. But have a base showcase report - user saves it as their project applies a simple segment on the report for the ocmpany they are interested in and voila!


I've been waiting ont his feature for years Smiley Wink