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First a simple idea:

We have a relative volatile business where weekdays volumes are dramatically higher than weekends and the daytime is dramatically higher than the night time  As such when we generate a daily line chart we have a chart that looks like super fast heart beat with lots of peaks and valleys.

We were thinking that it would be great if we could add a 'trend line' to the chart and include the 'equation' for that trend line on the chart.  Very similar to how Excel does it.

more sophisticated idea

I think this is a super valuable tool (the equation) that helps quantify the growth (slope) of the line.  I'm thinking the comparison of two lines (segment a vs. segment b) with two lines and two equations where equation A shows +1% growth while equation B shows a -2% growth.  Proving mathematically that the variance between the two segments is 3%

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Hi Jeremy,

There are a couple of ways to achieve this already.

1 option is to enable the Show Anomalies, which will display a shaded area representing the upper and lower expected bounds for visits for that day, and a dotted line for the expected number of visits for that day. But if your traffic is very peaky/troughy then the shaded bounds will reflect that as normal.


Another option is to create a calculated metric which is an average of visits for the last 7 days.


To produce a chart that should look something like: