Allow trended versions of correlated reports



As soon as I correlate one property to another, the option of trended reports goes away.  Why?  It would be so useful to be able to narrow the results and still show the data over time.

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This post may be a duplicate of this one: s/idi-p/294


I'm not sure if the term "subrelation" only refers to eVars, or if it refers to sProps/traffic vars, too.  In any case, it's a similar idea.  Allow data to be broken down AND trended.



Here's what subrelations and correlations are:


Correlations hold only for props. props do not have a 'life' and they expire on the same page (or PageView). For two props to be correlated they MUST be set on the same page.



Subrelations are valid only for eVars. eVars have a 'life' and you can set them to expire when you want (like end of visit, purchase event). eVars can be subrelated even if they are not set on the same page. As long as two eVars are alive and a success event occurs - they are subrelated for that success events with those values.


Refer to Omniture Knowledge base to understand them in more detail.



Yes, we would like trending on correlations (sprops), as well.