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Allow Non-Admin Users to share Components with configured Groups


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User management in Adobe Analytics is one of the most "special" access and rights management configuration I have seen. Next to that, the possibility to share components (namely Segments, Calculated Metrics, Workspace Projects...) with Groups is only possible for Admin Users.

So, imagine you configure different groups within your organization: one group per functional team. Adobe users within those teams cannot share specific Segments or Workspace Projects directly to their own team. They would need to do it user by user instead... If there are more than 10 people in one team, you understand it can quickly become annoying.

Whishlist: allow non-admin users to see in sharing option pre-configured groups and allow them to share with these groups Segments, Calculated Metrics, Workspace Projects, etc they created

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Update 1

Linked idea: For Non-Administrators: Ability to SHARE Segments to a Select Group of People



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Currently when there is turnover in the group, assets get transferred to an account and even if shared, no other user that's able to access (other than admins, which we're not) can update.

With this, please too add onto this function the ability for being able to "Save" over asset (like the owner and admins can do) not just view, and do a "Save As" as currently seems is the only permission non-admin folks have with shared assets.  Basically making it so a group vs individual logins would be able and act as the owner of those assets.