Allow Multiple RSIDs within one project

lukea91607144 23-08-2017

Not a brand new idea, but wanting to get this idea created (or recreated).  Would like to add the ability to allow multiple RSIDs within the same workspace project.  I'm often going to 'Reports & Analytics' to compare data between two RSIDs.  Need often arises for validating data across multiple RSIDs.

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joe_gtb 16-11-2017

There are two ways you accomplish this when the tag is fired and send the data to two places with only one server call.

If you have RSID in your AppMeasurement or sCode file you can simply add extra RSIDs separated by commas, such as:


If you are setting your RSID in DTM then under the Adobe Analytics tool under 'Report Suites' you can add another report suite for Production or Dev/Staging

lytics 24-11-2017

Instead of sending data to two separate report suites (multi-site tagging), create a Virtual Report Suite. Then, create segments to compare your data sets using a "hit" container.

ericb69243940 19-12-2018

There are some cases where this is not applicable. I think being able to choose RSID by panel instead of by project is still a very useful option


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