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Allow for SAINT to accept classifications for items that do not have traffic yet


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I am integreating a number of legacy sites with huge back catalogs of content which needs to be classified. Legacy content is infequently accessed as such it could be weeks / months before some items get a page view. This means I must set a schduled to classify the entire back-catalog picking up new values as we go. This means uploading large multiple files with a huge number of lines which have no effect. I suspect there's a better way to do this.


I would like a feature where I could do a single histroical upload to saint to cover back catalog items. Then continue to do the normal go forward classifications which would be smaller and easier to manage.

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I think you can already do this.  The process is to download a template file and fill in the "key" column yourself, or just add the yet-to-be-viewed items to the bottom of your yet-to-be-classified items.