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Allow Filtering report columns/metrics for Limits & Ranges


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To allow more effective analysis, reporting and dashboarding, allow us to filter report columns/metrics by settng value limits or ranges. 


Example: Looking at Bounce Rate on Entry Pages with Visits also as a metric, let us set the limit on the Visits column to > 1000 - so we don't see all the very low volume and low frequency pages and instead see the most valuable items to focus on.


Should allow Less Than, Greater Than, Equal, and Ranges on any column in a report.





Well played, Mark.


One of the questions that has come up where we need your help is this: If you could filter by metrics only for the metrics that you are currently showing in the report, is that acceptable to you? In other words, how important is the ability to filter by metrics that you are not currently showing? (For example, a Pages report showing only Bounce Rate as a metric, but that is filtered only to include pages that had more than 5,000 Visits.) What do you all think? 


Level 10


Thanks Ben - yes I was limiting it to only the metrics shown in the report.


That and we SO need the simple ability to sort the variable being broken down (i.e. 1st column) normal and reverse, alphabetically, date order/reverse, etc. (separate and very old idea)


Level 9


Found another need for this for a client today too. Would love to see it reviewed again.


If it means it gets implemented faster, I'm all for limiting the metric filtering to just the metrics in the report.


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upvoting this -- this is functionality in place in Google Analytics, and I've found myself needing to export to Excel *far* less frequently when using that tool because of it. In Adobe Analytics, you really can't include reports like "Pages with High Bounce Rates" in native dashboards because of the outliers.


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Big thumps up vor this one!

This is extremely helpful on situation where you want to compare pages between two periods of time and want to see pages that have gotten most visits by percentages. Without this kind of filtering you always get something like 1000% for pages that had 1 visit two weeks ago and last week had 99 visits. These are just new pages or some other small pages that I don't wan't to see and want to filter those out from my table.