Allow csv upload to look for multiple page URL's while creating segment

sarithas0207 20-09-2019

Thanks for recent release that allows us to paste multiple items using contains any of & equals any of in segments. Can it be extended to have an option to upload a file with some sort of format to build a segment to look for metrics specific to 100 or more web pages in one go, when there isn't any common strings in URL to use any of the existing options.

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fsakjlfdsakljfd 15-10-2019

For performance reasons its strongly recommended to use classifications for use cases like this.  Then you could either just reference the classified value, or build a much more efficient segment based on the classification.

sarithas0207 16-10-2019

Thank you! Only problem with that is will have too many classifications and maintaining that for any additions/deletions will require manual update.

fsakjlfdsakljfd 17-10-2019

You could use a regex rule if you have logic based parameters.  Otherwise I'd imagine the maintenance would be a bit similar to how you'd need to maintain a segment created from a spreadsheet otherwise.