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allow admins to control all dimensions and metrics for other users


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Our web analytics team is building a simplified analytics environment group in user managent to give limited access to marketeers to prevent them from getting confused about which dimension to use. However, it is not possible to control all dimensions: there is a whole range of mobile dimensions (see screenshot), e.g. mobile DRM, Mobile Java, etc. which are shown to all users by default, while they either contain crappy or no data. Can you please make sure that all dimensions, including these mobile dimensions, can be controlled in the group user settings? 




Schermafbeelding 2017-03-23 om 13.42.43.png



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In particular, I would like the ability to hide/rename standard metrics. e.g. the Bounce Rate is not useful for us because we fire additional page-speed calls on every page view, so almost all visits have 2 server calls.  We have a custom Bounce Rate metric which works, but our users often use the out-of-the-box standard Bounce Rate by mistake because we can't hide it or rename it (even though we've tried to name our custom one clearly).




Aliskinkv - good news, we are actively working on an initiative to allow you to do exactly that - hide/rename standard dimensions/metrics, etc.


In the meantime, you can use project curation in Workspace to hide all of the things you don't want to show up in a given project.


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Aliskinkv - Thats the exact issue we have, i've come on here to raise as an idea but good to see that it's already been raised and is already being worked on.