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Alert Inhancements


Level 2


  • Alerts


  • Increments of preset severity
    • Normal, Warning, Critical and Fatal
      • The “Warning” alert occurs when there is a change from Normal
      • If the rate keeps going up we get “Critical” alert, if it increases, then  a “Fatal” message
      • No new alerts until there is a status change, last message reflects the current state
    • Historical reference
      • Ability to use historical information to forecast and set thresholds
      • Automatically.  Requires no analysis on the part of the user
    • Daily/Hourly/Increment comparisons
      • Example: Ability to compare Monday to other Mondays
        • Versus location within the month
        • Versus last year’s same date
      • Same for hourly and other increments
      • Special handling for identified key dates (such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas Eve, etc.)
    • Page ratios
      • Comparison of two pages
        • Number of visitors to the Submit page vs. Error page
          • Provides an Error Rate that works regardless of volumes
    • Dashboards
      • Ability to create dashboards from the above suggestions
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