Additional data fields for Data Warehouse from the image request



I periodically open Omniture ClientCare tickets - for troubleshooting purposes, or for specialty analyses - example being mobile or other devices via the user agent string - just to get 3 additional parameter values:


  • r parameter (the actual "URL")


  • timestamp


  • user agent string



I'd like those to be made in Data Warehouse, at least. Then I could pull the data myself without setting up a Data Feed (and opening a ticket, etc.).



An additional nice to have - it would be great to somehow get the image request length (which appears in the debugger or via a specialty implementation) passed into a variable and then in DW, also to aid \ abet troubleshooting. A final nice touch would also be the s.dc field, the s.trackingServer field, and the s.trackingServerSecure fields, for helping audit implementations across multiple domains (if that's feasible) to ensure they're FPC or "friendly 3rd party" (audit meaning an analyst can pull a report vs. trying to get someone with debug \ IT skills to look at the code).



- CJ

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Hi CJ,


if you have the variables to spare, but are concerned about request length, maybe this is helpful:


so long