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Add the ability to filter Freeform table rows dynamically based on metric thresholds


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This question has come up multiple times in the last few weeks, and it probably surfacing in other channels as well, but there should be a way to filter the rows in a freeform table based on Metric Count. So only show items below X, or above Y, or between X and Y.


While we can filter rows manually via the "only show these rows" the values can change month to month, being able to only show rows based on a specific criteria seems like a basic function we should have, and yet don't as of yet.



Why is this feature important to you

Values change month to month, so having to manually find and filter rows is a lot of effort that we shouldn't need. While, yes, we can use a calculated metric to change rows outside of a range using IF and Greater Than/Less Than logic (using a static 0 for outside our range), the rows, while no longer counting in the total, still show in the table.



How would you like the feature to work

Either in the dimension filters, or possibly in the metric column settings, there should be a way to add a metric threshold filter:

[metric] Greater Than (or equal to) X and Less Than (or equal to) Y, or just Greater Than (or equal to) OR Less Than (or equal to)



Current Behaviour

Today we can only filter by text matches, there is no equivalent feature.



Level 1


This feature would simplify the process of excluding "low value" pages from reporting in a workspace. The addition would also make it easier for users with less experience using Adobe Analytics to self-serve & easily filter data to meet their reporting needs. 


Level 1


The feature would be useful to find low performing (low value) pages easily. This is a real benefit when looking when sorting through the technical content flood on software documentation or support sites.