Add regex to Comparison Operators for Segments

jaadavis 22-08-2018

For segments that have multiple criteria against a single dimension, it would be much faster to be able to use a regex operator like Google Analytics instead of having to set the conditions one by one.

I created a segment in Adobe Analytics that has almost 30 different criteria that define it - all using the “page” dimension - connected with OR logic.

In Google Analytics it would be easy to create this segment using regex, but in Adobe Analytics it took me quite a bit of time, having to drop in and set one criteria at a time.

I think this would be a very valuable operator to add to operators currently supported in segments.

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Hi, thanks for the suggestion! We actually did an internal POC for this, but it turns out that regex engines were too slow for us to return reports in a timely manner. We'll keep looking at it though, thanks for posting!