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Add Participation to custom conversion events


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We would like to see Participation allocation logic added to custom conversion events in SiteCatalyst and ReportBuilder. Currently, we can only see Participation for custom conversion events in Discover. This limits any page-level analysis to the purchase events in the Participation folder of SiteCatalyst and ReportBuilder. Page-level analysis is impossible using standard (non-participation) events such as Hotel Availability Search Visits, because standard events use last allocation method, meaning the credit is only given to the last page in the visit, rather than Participation method, which gives all credit to all pages in the visit.



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You can already get this, you just have to have it enabled by Omniture.  Discover of course enables everything for everything, but SiteCatalyst (and hence RB or Excel Client) have to have this setting enabled.  ClientCare or your AM can do this.


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Thanks! I wanted to let you know I contacted ClientCare and they did this immediately. Very helpful.


It would have been nice to know this was possible a year ago, since the data is not retroactive.


Thanks again for your reply.