Ability to Use "User Selected Panel Date and Date Range" as Variable for Custom Date Range or Segment



There are many times I find myself creating "Last Month" and "13 Months Ago" tables for reports to show YoY change, but this creates a static column within the report and if I create a "compare time period" column for a percent difference visual it isn't reflective if a user changes to a new date range.  I'd like the ability to create an "x amount of time from user selection" date range as a new column or use the panel date range within a calculation or segment that would be applied to all visualizations within the panel.  Similar to a Tableau parameter that can truly make the report flexible depending on the user's desired range.    

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Not sure if that can help, or probably you knew this already, but you can create custom time ranges and apply them within tables to your liking, as many as you want, independently from the time range of the panel. In the "Components" panel, you click the button +New at top and select Create Date Range.



The creation of the date range is not the issue.  It's the ability of making a report dynamic dependent on the user's selection in the panel date.  I do not want my user to have to create new date ranges and then compare the two to get a percent difference calculation.  I'd rather be able to create a report that will output the correct percent difference regardless of what the user chooses.  For instance, if I create a percent difference calculation between two columns one having no date range so it uses the current panel date and the other being "a year ago", the created percent difference column becomes static and does not update once I change the panel date.  Let me know if I'm still being unclear.  Thank you




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