Ability to Trend Fallout Reports



While Fallout Reports are a cool SiteCatalyst feature, one of their limitations is that you can't easily see a trend of the different Fallout checkpoints (nodes) over time.  I think it would be cool if you could set-up a Fallout report (say A to B to C) and then see a trend line that shows the fallout from A to B and A to C over time.  For example, if I create a Fallout report from the Home Page to Cart Add Page to Purchase Confirmation Page, it would be nice to see the trend of fallout over time.  Maybe this week my fallout from Home Page to Cart Add was 80%, but last week it was 76%.  The only way to know that today is to create multiple Fallout Reports, add them to a dashboard and manually compare them (I know you can use success events, but often times you want to see Fallout for pages that don't merit Success Events).  Seems like something SiteCatalyst can do for me!


Bonus points for the ability to set an Alert on this when the Fallout % changes by X%.

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Note that if I understand properly, this is actually a feature of Discover.  In fact, the difficulty of doing something like this effectively within SiteCatalyst was one of the motivating factors to build Discover.





That is true, but Discover is not available to the masses...Too expensive and too difficult for non-advanced users...



how can i do this in discover?



Agree with Adam - not being able to do it easily in Site Catalyst technically does not mean it doesn't belong there as a core tool for Analysts



One of the more important features of SiteCatalyst is the Fall out report. However, the usefulness of the report is severely limited by the inability to a) view trended data for a given time period for a fall out report and b) the inability to export trended data for a fallout report to Excel for manipulation.


Without these features, I am unable to easily parse the trend of a fallout report over a given period of time, having to resort to manually running the reports for each day of the desired period of time and manually noting the data for each checkpoint for each day. Even for a typical fall out report (e.g. sales funnel conversion over the weekend), it can take considerable time to get this data in usable form, much less the time to analyze it properly.


If displaying the data in this method is unreasonable, at least allow us to export the data in this format. Currently, having the export function only give us an image of the funnel is useless. It might be good to place in some presentation, much any deeper quant work in impossible with the current export data. The envision data exported for the entire time period of a particular fallout report would look something like this:


- days of the selected time period for the report spanning horizontally across the document, starting at column B

- check points for the fallout report in column A

- the data for correlated cross sections (checkpoint v day) would fill in the exported data


With this raw data, users would be able to dive deep and manipulate the report that makes sense at the time; by keeping the data malleable and loose, you allow the user near infinite possibilities of analyzing the data.



Thanks for this. I have just registered with a view to suggesting this very same idea - great minds, eh! Even the basic ability to export fallout data as csv/Excel would be a massive improvement. I was very disappointed to get just an image of the funnel when I exported via Excel - as you say, pretty useless.



This sounds pretty close to Adams Idea: IDEA: Trend Fallout Reports


Might also want to look at this too, might help with needs: IDEA: Fall Out Reports with Events & Variables



Appears I'm a bit late to this game but new to Idea Exchange...

Love this, need this, would use this all the time!  

And I completely agree that the ability to export to Excel for additional manipulation is needed.



BTW, the problem highlighted in many of the comments (i.e. not being able to export fallout data into Excel/CSV as raw data) also extends to Discover.


This is a major issue that forced us to create a very clunky manual process to  send funnel data into Excel using VB. Not ideal.






Exporting fallout data into excel/CSV is a must. The 'detail' people (those needing business cases for every decision) prefer to see the numbers and trends, rather than images.

Images cant be manipulated!