Ability to Trend Fallout Reports



While Fallout Reports are a cool SiteCatalyst feature, one of their limitations is that you can't easily see a trend of the different Fallout checkpoints (nodes) over time.  I think it would be cool if you could set-up a Fallout report (say A to B to C) and then see a trend line that shows the fallout from A to B and A to C over time.  For example, if I create a Fallout report from the Home Page to Cart Add Page to Purchase Confirmation Page, it would be nice to see the trend of fallout over time.  Maybe this week my fallout from Home Page to Cart Add was 80%, but last week it was 76%.  The only way to know that today is to create multiple Fallout Reports, add them to a dashboard and manually compare them (I know you can use success events, but often times you want to see Fallout for pages that don't merit Success Events).  Seems like something SiteCatalyst can do for me!


Bonus points for the ability to set an Alert on this when the Fallout % changes by X%.

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You can trend Fallout using Analysis Workspace as of 20 October 2016.