Ability to copy/transfer Virtual Report Suite settings




It would be a massive time saver if it was possible to copy the set up of one VRS to another existing VRS - particularly the component customization settings.

We have many existing Virtual Report Suites that we are trying to align.  One of my poor analyst is currently facing the prospect of spending days of his life going through and aligning thousands of components between these multiple VRSs.  Alternatively, we'll have to remove all the existing VRS and start again which causes it's own problems.

Please can you consider this for the future health of our analysts?

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Hey A Wathen,

Just worth pointing out you can use the Adobe Reporting API 1.4 in RStudio (via the RSiteCatalyst library) to pull back the full configuration of the report suite. You could use that the help in setup of the new report suites as a reference document.

I've never used it on Virtual Report Suites, but it does have functionality for extracting the settings however.

At least good as a verification tool to check alignment.






Thanks Alan,  I loot at the API documentation but it didn't look like you could get at the component curation set up of a VRS through the API unfortunately.

Anyhow, component tags have come to our rescue as we've been able to work around this issue by tagging all the common components that we want to include and then filtering on that tag within the VRS component set up page.  A bit of a pain having to go through and tag each component but at least it's a one off job rather than having to do each VRS individually!