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Ability to clone User Groups


Level 2


To control what variables and events are shown, we have Virtual Report Suite specific user groups set up.

Currently when we need to set up a new user group, it's insanely time consuming to add users to the new group because the pick list only includes the username, no other attributes. 


Two features that would address are issue are:


1) A user group cloning feature (e.g. through a 'copy' button or a Save As) would allow us to set up a master user group that contains all the users and the we clone it to adjust the 'report access' customizations.


2) Add the ability to search on any user attribute, not just username, on the user group screen. This would allow us to store values in their profile (e.g. title since there's no general description field) that are helpful for the way we organize our user groups.



Level 1


We also have a customized group structure based on a multitude of VRS combined with access to certain dimensions based on seniority. Cloning groups would be very helpful! Loving this idea!


Level 5


For companies like ours we have multiple websites (sub-brands) that have users who need same permissions but for their own report suite or virtual report suite. Basically need multiples of the same groups setup but each for their respective report suite. As we continnue adding report suites I have to manually add user groups. Copying/duplicating user groups is a big time saver for us. Promote, Promote, Promote!