Ability to break the connection between segments (or calculated metrics)




The centralized management/linking of segments and calculated metrics is great for speedy maintenance, but there are some key scenarios where I really wish I could break the connection to the master segment/calculated metric (e.g. so changing a segment no longer updated previously linked versions of the segment used else where).

An obvious scenario is where a panel is copied as a starting point for new panel - In this case any changes to the calculated metrics or segments in the new panel also affect the original panel because of the link!  It would be great if there was a quick way to break the connection between the segments/calc metrics.  At the moment the only way around this is to go into each component, click 'save as' and then drag the new component back in as a replacement for the old component which is very time consuming)

I would suggest being able to multi select the component, and from the menu available from a right mouse click, being able to select "break connection" would be a reasonable solution.

Thanks for reading and hopefully considering!