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A4T issue: Page URL report where Target activities exists [Incident: 181220-000198]


Level 2



Report the personalized pages where the Target activities are running.


To pull the list of Personalized pages, we used the following conditions

Dimension - “Page URL CC - v38”

Segment 1 – “Target Activities exists” to exclude non-personalized pages

Segment 2 -   Excluded the activities “PROD_0701_NAPR_US_TCMS_ARSW_MUL_XT_HOME” and “PROD  || POC -  LPV profile script - OMNI-825” in the segment by using “exclude container”. Those 2 activities are not related to PZN campaigns.

Report Link : https://sc5.omniture.com/x/5_7pnd6

Issue Noted: Non-Personalized pages are listed in the reporting line items. E.g.https://blogs.vmware.com/euc/2018/10/infographic-android-enterprise.html & https://www.vmware.com/site_maintenance.html


Adobe Incident 1: 181015-000031

As per Incident: 181015-000031, due to hash collision the non-personalized pages are appearing in v38 report. Solution proposed by client care is increasing the unique values of prop38/ evar 38 unique variable to 1M from 550k.

Adobe Incident 2: 181105-000067

Extending the variables limits from 550K to 1M

Adobe Incident 3: 181220-000198


Issue: Non-personalized pages still in v38 report after fixing the hash collision issue

Co-ordinated with support team to understand why non-personalized pages are appearing in v38 report after increasing the unique limit for evar38 and prop38 to overcome hash collision issue.

Adobe Response: Non-Personalized pages for evar38 / Prop 38 are returning in the reports even though it does not qualify the segment condition is because of hash collision. Recommendation provided by adobe support team doesn’t help us to meet the reporting requirements.