Workspaces - Project Reporting Schedulling [Date range from the middle of the month to the middle (- 1 day) of the next month]



Goal - create a schedulled project report that would be sent on a monthly basis when the date range is from 15th of the month to 14th of the next month

Steps -

1. Components > Date Ranges > New date range 

2. Workspace > Select project

In the Date Range drop down list select the new date range

3. Project "Share" tab > Send File on Schedulle

4. Select the below options -


Question - Are there any other more accurate / recommended methods to achieve this goal?







i would change it to another time range setting, just in case you want to change the schedule day (eg send every 10th of a month)

  • skip step 1 unless you need this time range for other reports
  • in step 2 (within the workspace project) open the time range on the top right and inser the following dates
    • start: start of current day minus 1 month
    • end: end of current day minus 1 day

step 3+4 are ok. hope this helps 🙂