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Target tests reported in Analytics counting different generations from Target


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When I run an A/B test to be reported in analytics I often get a different count of generations between Analytics and Target.

I like to be able to use workspace to drill down into the test and understand performance split out by different dimensions etc. Unfortunately in workspace you can't see the statistical significance so I've been checking that in Target.

Annoyingly I get a different count of generations (Target seems to add more) which then skews the numbers slightly.

Is this a bug? Are the two tools configured separately to exclude IPs, I'm wondering if internal traffic might be included in one and not the other?


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Are you currently using Adobe Analytics as the Reporting Source for Adobe Target (A4T)? If not, then that might be contributing to the differences you're seeing between platforms, as they would be accessing different data sets.

How big of a discrepancy are we looking at, percentage-wise?