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Sorting of Components and Date Ranges


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Something that's always annoyed me is when I'm searching for available components.  I do not particularly care for the fact that it does not arrange items in alphabetical order.  I understand there are reasons for providing last used components, but the problem is you don't provide us ANY options to sort the results.  We don't have the ability to have favorites or even a pallet we might place our most recently created segments on, etc.  These would be amazing time savers when we're working with the reports we're building, especially now that we can create reports spanning multiple report suites across different panels.

You've given us the power.  NOW GIVE US THE TOOLS!!  Pretty please?? 



Jeff Bloomer
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Have you tried searching the Ideas section for a similar feature request? If there isn't one, please submit your own and encourage others to like the idea. Our Analytics product team is active in the community and regularly reviews the top ideas.