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Receiving truncated dataset when connecting Adobe Analytics to Domo


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My employer uses Adobe Analytics to gather most of the traffic information about its website. I am trying to export this data to Domo to include it as part of a larger marketing dashboard.

The problem I face is that the dataset generated by Domo is truncated. I receive data for only 50 pages per date, and with an automatic data range of 31 days this means just 1,550 rows. These don't even appear to be the top 50 pages. I just get a random 50 pages every day. I have already discussed this issue with our internal web analytics team, and they are stumped. There are about 700+ pages that I am interested in, so receiving traffic data on only 50 pages is not helpful.

There are no real settings to adjust within Domo to try to request additional pages; I can only choose the reporting suite and then the type of report I want to receive -- it's not possible to choose a different date range, for example. Has anyone faced this issue before, and might there be other settings that I can adjust somewhere (with either Domo or Adobe Analytics) to receive the entire dataset?

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