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rank of evar value for visitor in adobe analytics workspace


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Hi Experts,

We have few eVars that we have capturing for sometime. Like order id and cart id and campaign id. I would like to know what was the rank of particular value in those eVars. For example what is first, 2nd, so on campaigns for a customer.


The use case is -

1. Find which campaign is effective when it is displayed to the customer for the first time. 

2. What was the average time for purchase when the order was the first order for the visitor?


Any help on this appreciated!

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Have you attempted to use the Visit Number dimension or the customer loyalty dimensions within segments?


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Visit number would give me what is the number of times the customer is visiting the site. But, I want to know things if this is a first campaign for the customer or first order for the customer.

Not sure if I am missing anything on how to use visit numbers. do you have any examples? 


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1. you need to create a new eVar (capturing campaign id) with allocation: first touch and expiration on campaign view or purchase event to achieve this. Correlated order id or cart id with this eVar. 

2. use "days before first purchase" report which shows the number of days that pass between the first time customers visit your site and when they finally make a purchase.


PS: use campaign id stacking in another eVar to see 1st, 2nd ...so on campaigns for the user allocation  most recent and expire it on purchase