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Possible to Compare vs. Last Year (Day to Date)?


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So, we're approaching holiday in which daily performance counts.  I'd love to be able to compare how we are doing on Black Friday vs. Last year's Black Friday at THE SAME TIME OF DAY.

Is there an option that results in one number (rather than looking at hourly granularities)?

For example:

All Revenue

Marketing VehicleTodayLYYOY Growth

If I do it the standard way everything looks negative until we are well into the day..

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You can make this work, but you'd need 24 different segments. All of them would use the 'Hour of Day' dimension.

  • 12AM - 1AM
  • 12AM - 2AM
  • 12AM - 3AM
  • etc.

Once you have these 24 segments, you'd want to switch them out every hour. In Workspace, you'd drag the segment above 'Today' and 'LY', which would give you exactly what you're looking for.

Adobe Analytics only has daily date range selection, and daily rolling ranges. There is no hourly date range selection, or hourly rolling date ranges. This is why the hour of day would be the best we currently have to monitor hour-by-hour alongside date comparisons.


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Hi Alice, were you able to give this a shot?