Order/Conversion Tracking (Missing Data)




We are experiencing some missing data, particularly in tracking our orders and other cart/checkout metrics.  I've been discussing with our developer about why this may be the case and I was told the following in summary:

  • The tracking is delayed because the datalayer is also implemented in Javascript.  Because the datalayer must wait for the page to load, there is a period of time, when the user could navigate away or close the browser, that the tracking may not fire. Unfortunately, depending on the users' connection speed and browser, it just doesn't always fire. In addition, the tracking must also compete with any other Javascript processing. The optimal solution is to code the datalayer directly in the server-side code. That would give you a much better success rate. Unfortunately, when implementing the datalayer and tracking, the server-side implementation was not an option and we were only able to develop against the front-end website.

I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue in the past, or knows of any solution that wouldn't involve moving the datalayer directly to the back end?  The order process is really the only area where we want to ensure that we are capturing all data, particularly in regards to purchasing. 

Any thoughts or information will be greatly appreciated.










Hi Brian,

Don't want to disappoint but...unfortunately, there is no way I found yet to get 100% match with the back-end order data vs Adobe or any other analytics tool. However, the industry average, as far as I know, is  -5% to -10% which is up to -15% to -20% (during holidays) in some cases. This can be due to the following -

  1. Implementation issues. (focusing on this can certainly reduce gaps)
  2. Ad blockers.
  3. JS disabled users.
  4. Browser image request limit.
  5. Unquie exceed (a distant case)

can certainly get help to debug implementation using validation method by adamgreco https://analyticsdemystified.com/general/validating-orders-revenue/







You're not alone. Lazy-loading has become a (very useful) trend over the years and is very popular regardless if you're loading product attributes on a PDP page or other details in the checkout process.

What I can recommend looking into is "delay"ing the Analytics beacon. If you're using a tag management solution e.g. Launch-By Adobe, or DTM, you may want to fiddle with the different type of rules and options therein to trigger a call when things are ready.

For a standalone deployment, the developer may be able to assist you with logic on when to trigger something. Hope this helps.